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Traceable Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Certified PDO | 16.9 Oz. Tin

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O.
Tin Packing – 500ml (16.9 oz)

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Our olive oil is produced at source in the Kolymvari Estates of Crete, Greece, where the olives go beyond a simple agricultural product to being a key ingredient in the life, culture and cuisine of the region. With each passing year, perfect climate and soil conditions, in the Island of Crete, allow the olive trees to bear precious olive fruit.

The olive fruit is harvested by hand and sent directly to state of the art milling and processing facilities for same day cold pressing and bottling. Low temperatures are applied to preserve the traditional flavor and quality of the olive oil.

Tasting Notes: “Combination of a plush, fruity bouquet and a singular peppery soupcon. Medium bitterness and pungency with notes of herbs and pepper. Acidity and other inimical qualities are at near zero values due to special cultivation, selection, and extraction processes. A perfect marriage of harmony and complexity.”

Tasting intensity: Delicate to Medium

Rich in Monounsaturated Fats MUFA and Polyphenols (during production and using the COI method) from the Greek Koroneiki variety of olive that is known to give oil of high antioxidant levels. Cold-Extracted without the use of chemicals. Non GMO and BPA Free Liners for the tins. Used by Award Winning Chefs and hotels around the world.

We use “Green” production methods in carbon neutral facilities and committed to a sustainable approach and ethical farming.







Taste the difference and trace the history of single origin, single region, and ethically produced olive oil.

Product Highlights

Unblended Single Origin Oil , Protected Designation of Origin
First Press, Cold Extract

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in

3 reviews for Traceable Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Certified PDO | 16.9 Oz. Tin

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    L Pricevuti

    Fragrant olive oil from Crete. Who can beat that!

    I use olive oil everyday for salad dressings. This fragrant oil comes in a metal container so no light can change the quality of the oil. Since the first order earlier this year, I have purchased the larger size. I initially purchased this olive oil because it is made in Crete, having visited there many years ago. I recommend both the lovely olive oil, and the trip to visit Crete!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Warren Jacobo

    Authentic and mind blowing.

    Up to now I had been using Costco Brand (Kirkland) Olive Oil. So I was a little worried this wouldn’t be that much better. Boy was I wrong! This stuff is lightyears ahead of anything else I have tried.

    This brand comes in much larger (and cheaper) containers, I wish I had known that before purchasing this one. But quite honestly, this tastes and feels so remarkable I may just continue to use this stuff, even though the quantity is low and the price is high.

    Just a tablespoon on a salad combined with a good balsamic makes a breathtaking side salad that you won’t soon forget. Energetically, this stuff is potent, you can feel it in your body. It’s healing!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wanted to try something that was higher quality & close to source

    Everything arrived totally intact & perfect condition. I did order this with couple other things. The point is Ellora Farms, Multiple PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil arrived in a cushioned box within a box. Plus cushion within their own container. Because original before ordering was afraid of leakage, be it shipper or whatever. Hence may be something to consider when ordering.

    I’m no Olive Oil expert. But I have no problem with the taste. And primarily concerned with the PDO and extra healthy/quality parts that may come along with it. I do not plan on cooking with it. But more for the nutrition density of the Olive oil. Along with adding to other things in my diet.
    I know that many times concerning such products, people may ask what was the expiration date. Mine had ‘Best Used’ by April 2022. Of course such things are determined by how it is storied, and then opened and used, etc. So I guess dependent on supply. A person could have the time to buy a few extra. In order to keep from running out. And keeping stored as recommended.

    Due to the container, I prefer to use a tablespoon small container to poor in (as needed). This way keeping atmosphere issue to minimum. I’m totally satisfied. Because I received exactly what I wanted & ordered, and as described. I’m considering trying one of their other products, or the larger containers.

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